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Cosplay Check List

Youmacon 2014


  1. order brown wig
  2. get orange headphones or buy some and paint them
  3. get white shoes
  4. get something for a weapon 


  1. style black wig or order new black wig
  2. order scarf
  3. get new blue suit jacket (optional) 

RTX 2015

-GFH Tex-

1. Clothing

  • black, grey, & white camo tank
  • black jean jacket
  • black jeggings
  • black tights or leggings

2. crafted things/ Materials

  • Yards of grommet trim 
  • string/ ribbon 
  • 1 yard of  black leather 
  • large spiked studs
  • black leather straps
  • stuff to make a shotgun holster
  • 2 yards black fabric for scarf

3. Helmet Supplies 

after some cleaning and a bit for tweaking I think these boots will work nicely for my Tex cosplay.

Going to start on the helmet this weekend, I’ll be sure to put progress pics up and what not.

RTX 2k15

Friends and I decided to go to RTX next year, so we’re doing a little RvB cosplay group based on synnesai’s Guns for Hire AU.

For sure we’ll have Tex, Carolina, North, and Wyoming. We’ll have Florida if our other friend can make it.

this is gunna be hella fun.

Text Post

going to order the wigs for Yosuke and Hiroomi this week, and working on the rest of Yosuke. 

my sister isn’t going to Youmacon anymore so PJ’s Link is on the back burner for now. If I get everything done I might still make and bring it to the con.

:To Do List:

Yosuke Hanamura

  • tweak dress shirt for summer uniform
  • finish uniform pants
  • buy orange headphones
  • buy or make Junes nametag
  • buy a new wig

Hiroomi Nase

  • buy scarf
  • buy wig


  • style wig
  • buy fabric
  • print out graphics for the shirt
  • buy black slip on shoes
  • make the Spoils bag
  • make the WindWaker

I also have to help my sister make her Aryll cosplay from Loz:WindWaker.

Cosplay plans for Youmacon this year.

Link (pajamas) - LoZ:WindWaker

Hiroomi Nase - Beyond the Boundary

Yosuke Hamanura (summer Uniform) - Persona 4

Yosuke Hanamura (junes summer) - Persona 4

Finished the apron for Junes Yosuke, I just need shoes and a nametage and the cosplay will be complete.

I look like poop.

Got the undershirt done for Yosuke. now to work on his “bird shirt” for the Junes summer uniform.